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*2006*11 months in the US. Back to real jobs and responsibilities, but still no real clue about what I was doing...except that I loved a man thousands of miles away and wanted to marry him. *2005*12 months in Africa. No real job, no real responsibilities, no real clue about what I was doing. Just living life as a Yovo in an African world, enjoying the experiences I was given, and learning many things about this enormous world, the beautiful people in it, my unknown self, and my very real God.

Monday, March 12, 2007

He's coming...for really real!!

I know I said he was coming for real last time, but this time it's for really real! Not only does he have his visa in hand, he also has a plane ticket. He'll be leaving April 1st AND arriving April 1st as well (leaving right after midnight from Togo and getting here in the evening)... less than three weeks! Obviously, we are both super excited and can hardly wait for time to arrive for him to finally step off the plane. Fortunately for both of us, we have a lot of things to get done in the next few weeks, so the time will probably pass extremely fast.

And just so that our adjustment too him being in the States isn't too easy, I've decided (after much deliberation and some bargaining... Africa taught me some very useful skills) to accept a new job starting two weeks after he arrives. Crazy me! Oh, it gets better: the job is teaching 8th grade writing! I know it's a little insane to start teaching junior highers in their last quarter before graduating, not to mention that I've never taught junior high before (except for many days of subbing, which is why the principal thinks I can handle it)! I definitely didn't apply or ask for this job, but somehow it was dropped into my lap (divine provision...or a move of insanity??). Initially I had declined the job offer, but ended up accepting it as I saw that I might potentially be put in that position as a permanent sub anyway (with half the pay and none of the benefits). Although it might make our lives a little more stressful, with Koudjo adjusting to life in the States and with us attempting to plan a wedding (and us just wanting to spend time together after another couple months of separation), but I'm also excited about it and believe it to be a great and unexpected provision for us. I would appreciate your prayers for tremendous amounts of wisdom, patience, and love...maybe sanity as well... as I take on this task.

Can't wait for all of you to meet Koudjo... and for him to meet you!!! Three weeks 'til I see him, three months until you meet him (if you're in Chicago, you'll get to see him next month, too). Just to get your prepared for how cute he is, here's a little picture for you. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's almost been a year - are you married yet? What happened?

6:31 PM  
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